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Collabration of ancient therapy with latest gadgets at ayusham are opening new prospects for both therapeutic and diagnosticpurposes. We at ayusham provides complete body and mind analysis using following NON HABIT FORMING gadgets

1.Nadi Analysis- Nadi analyser provide detailed objective analysis of vikruti (disease) by complete analyse of nadi done on basis of dosha, dhusya, dhatu and mahabhutta providing a detailed prognosis for all the diseases. Root cause according to Ayurveda is analyzed providing a better approach towards treatment.

2. Neuro bio feed-back- Neuro biofeed back measures brain waves producing feedback signal which provides a training to the brain to self-regulate the stress levels and thereby improves the neural activity of the brain. Neurofeedback uses video or sound for desired brain activity and negative feedback including stress signals as undesirable for brain. The signals Like GSR, pulses, heart rate, EMG are usually used as per the patient. The sessions are extremely useful in patients dealing with diseases like ADHD, stress, insomnia, depression and other stress related disorders.

3.Doppler stimulators- Trans cranial stimulators provide an electrical stimulus at specific part of brain which improves the functionality of the specific region of brain thereby improving the concentration of brain, improves the muscular stimulations thus is useful in tremors,seizure, migraine, headaches, depressions and insomnia. The stimulators are non-habit forming and are extremely useful for kids. The stimuli are adjustable and are completely safe, doesn’t cause any damage to brain tissues.

4. Pulmonary analyzer- Complete analysis of respiratory system is done with pulmonary analyzer thus providing diagnostic help in chronic lung diseases, asthma, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis and other disorder related to smokers. The analyzer provide therapeutic purpose for above diseases.

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