Yoga and Meditation

Yoga aims at harmonizing the body with mind and spirit through physical poses called asana, breathing exercises and meditation.
Divine union of our spirit assembling self-awareness with universal consciousness.
Yoga involves all over mind-body fitness program allowing the combination of muscular activity and alert mind focus on awareness of the self, breath, and energy to promote health. Many factors seem to contribute to yoga's helpfulness with stress and anxiety. Following are few factors which improves the effectiveness of yoga-

1. Yoga lowers stress hormones and promotes relaxation- When the stress levels in mind increases, the muscles and other organs of body tend to constrict leading to mild to severe muscular stress in major joints like shoulders, necks, jaws, or elsewhere which further provide negative feedback to mind and perpetuate the feeling of unease. Regular practice of yoga lowers the physical stress experienced thus reducing the anxiety experienced.

2. Regulation of breath- The central nervous system regulates the breathing system of our body, Thereby during hyperactivity ofCNS, that is during anxiety and stress condition leading to rapid and shallow breaths. Slow and deep breath during poses soothes the central nervous system thus producing more relaxing hormones.

3. Yoga improves physical strength- Regular practicing the yogic poses regulates the blood flow to muscles and joints, stretches and tones the body muscles and also makes them strong. It also helps improve your body posture during routine postures, in turn, help relieve body pains due to incorrect posture.Yoga is proven in regulating the body weight thereby lowering the risk of heart diseases. Yoga massages the internal organs thereby improving blood circulation to the same and hence improving the immunity and healing power of the body.

4. Yoga improves relationships-A happy, relaxed and contented mind deals with sensitivity in relations leading to harmony in all relations.

5. Doing yoga demonstrates self-compassion. During stressed out session of our mind, negligence of physical health is first humans do and that includes stop doing things that are good for us, like exercising, getting enough sleep and eating well. Regular yoga practice develops the sense of feel good about yourself encouraging brain and body to indulge more into healthy habits.

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